About Us

Frankie and Ruby started out as a personal styling business based in Berkshire.  Started in 2011 by personal stylist Victoria Lochhead, we've always had a passion for showing our clients and customers the wonders of shopping for treasure from all kinds of second hand sources.

But in 2014, after seeing inside so many clients wardrobes, we decided to open a dress agency; a place to help our customers sell the clothes they don't wear, and a place to introduce new customers to the idea of pre-loved clothes from great labels.

Today we operate an online dress agency, as well as a personal styling business with a focus on sustainability.  Our online course, Sustainable Style Studio teaches clients how to squeeze every ounce of love from what they already have in their wardrobe at home, and we run regular workshops and personal styling events and activities.  You can also find our book In the Jumble (about the joys of finding, buying and wearing second hand clothes) on Amazon.

We look for pre-loved clothes in perfect (or near perfect) condition.  Our clothing is given to us to sell on behalf of our sellers, and we split any sale proceeds with them.   Sometimes a seller can elect to have their share donated to charity, and this year we are raising charity funds for My Cancer My Choices, so if a seller elects to donate their share, that's where the money goes.  You can find more information about their amazing work by clicking this link.  If you'd like to become a seller with us, then all the details are available here.

We like to have a range of items on the site, some high end High Street labels and a bit of designer excitement - we try to look for things that are more everyday wear with a touch of luxury so look out for great fabrics, good workmanship and well thought out designs.

To find out more about our personal styling sessions, go to www.frankieandruby.co.uk.